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A tool for creatives. Simple. Unobstructive. Joyful.

For a creative, sending large files is an everyday business. Whether it’s a collection of unedited photos, enormous videos, or simple presentations.

Today the solutions for that are endless, yet same and inefficient. Many clicks, opened tabs, typing of emails again and again. No clean overview of what’s been sent, which transfers are active and which are not. It’s a creative flow killer. It’s not efficient. It’s not joyful.

Here comes Droppable. Send new transfers in a couple of clicks, straight from your Desktop. Pick recipients from your Contact lists, or type in new ones. Add a note and set an expiry date. Click send. Dead simple. A native app that is a true extension to your macOS experience. Small, unobstructive, efficient and joyful. There when you need it.

Send large files to single recipients or groups & teams

Simply enter names of your Apple Contacts or Google Contacts or type in email addresses of your recipients and drag & drop your files.

Add a note and set an expiry date

Select when you want your files to expire and get automatically removed.  Add context for your clients by attaching a note to your transfer.

Store your own files on your own Drive

Store on a service you already use and trust while saving money on storage fees. Enjoy the flexibility and control Google One provides and choose the storage plan that fits your needs.

Messenger for your transfers

Have a clear overview and history of all of your transfers in a messenger-style interface. Familiar, efficient and convenient.

Native macOS Experience

No  browser tabs. No memory bloat by Electron. Droppable is an unobstructive and clean app that serves as an extension to your macOS, there when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Droppable for free?

Yes. Install Droppable completely for free and send up to 5 transfers without any restrictions on features. After that, it’s just $19,99, once, to unlock unlimited transfers and own the app forever.

Is the Unlimited version just $9.99, once?

Yes, Droppable Unlimited is just $9.90, once. This single payment also includes all the possible future updates that you will be able to receive via the App Store. Please keep in mind that based on your location and local tax rules the price might slightly differ.

What is the size limit?

The file size limit depends on your Google One storage plan. You can store and upload up to 30TB. You can increase your storage limit by going to your Google One account and selecting a storage plan that fits your needs.

Which file formats can I send?

You can send any files you’d like, including raw video and image formats, documents, and presentations. At this moment, folders cannot be attached. Droppable zips all the files for you, which makes downloading your files hassle-free, even with a large amount of files. 

Can I set expiry dates?

When creating a new Transfer, you set your expiry period to 1, 2, 3, 5 days, 1 or 2 weeks, 1 or 3 months.

Can I send large files to my contacts?

When singing into Droppable for the first time, you’re asked for access to your Apple and Google Contacts. Those contacts are then stored locally on your device, and used to offer auto-complete on the “New Transfer” screen to make sending file more joyful and efficient.

Which operating systems are compatible with Droppable?

Droppable is a native macOS application that is only available on macOS Ventura (13) and higher. It’s designed to be a lightweight and joyful extension of your macOS experience.

Can I send tranfers to multiple recipients at a time?

Of course. On the ‘New Transfer’ screen, simply add as many recipients as you’d like. Just like in your email app. You can type in names or emails of your contacts, or simply emails of your recipients.

Can I set a password or see read receipts?

These features are not currently available in Droppable V1.0., but they are next in line on our roadmap for the next version releases.