Ceremonial grade Matcha from the hills of Kyoto

D2C Brand
Side project
THe idea

SummerRain is our way of promoting a healthy lifestyle full of positivity and creativity. It is our creative playground and a canvas for ideas. At the center of SummerRain is ceremonial grade Matcha - a unique superfood and a gift from the Japanese culture.

The approach

Aiming to create a strong and relatable brand, we combined the best Matcha blend we could find with top-notch packing materials sourced in the EU, a distinct visual identity, and a bunch of good vibes.

Visual identity

Optimizing for feelings, we used lots of warm and bright colors, custom-illustrated characters and colorful icons, lifestyle photography, and a bit of retro aesthetics.

The website

Designing and building the SummerRain website, we put a lot of focus on simplicity, ease of use, and playfulness. Our vision for it is beyond simply an online store, but a home for a creative health-conscious community, a place where people can explore, learn, and get inspired. Much more to come soon...

art direction

While many other online stores are becoming increasingly similar, we decided to experiment with artistic visuals, motion, and colorful illustrations.

2.0 Website update

As we’re getting ready to launch Batch 002 in 2023, we’ll be introducing exciting product updates, new visuals, a B2B portal, and more. Stay tuned.

The Magazine

The Magazine is a corner of our website to discover fun facts and stories about Matcha, healthy living, and get sneak peeks into what we’re building. It was designed and built on the coast of the North Sea in about 3 days.

art direction

Making it a project on its own, we gave it a unique look different from the main website. It was heavily inspired by MacOS 9, mixed with SummerRain UI and memes.


Another reason for this project was to see how fast we could ship. Using Webflow and a tiny bit of custom code we were able to launch within 72 hours.

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