I craft digital products & delightful experiences, build my ideas & nerd out over things I like. Curiosity led me to become a generalist, meaning I can do lots of things well from ideation to launch. I find joy in building things and pushing my creative boundaries. I’m guided by the thought that each of us can contribute to shaping the world of tomorrow. This means challenging the status quo, striving for excellence, working together.

In my work I pursue simplicity, scalability and joy by using first principles, thinking long term and crafting small details that build an emotional connection. Studying computer science gave me an understanding of technology and importance of systems. Striving for perfection and innovation made me look away from the screen to realize how much of our decision making is led by taste, subjectivity and emotion. These became the core beliefs of my design process.

Since the beginning of my design journey in 2016, I’ve been a fan of learning by doing. This motivated me and a few of my friends to build a couple of small digital products - Tabbs and Droppable, and a D2C brand called SummerRain. Aside from it being an extremely fun experience, it allowed us to learn new skills and test out ideas.

Apart of designing, you can find me doing sports, reading (lately newsletters more than books), learning German, hanging out with friends, occasionally gaming, or traveling. Hopefully, this year I can add painting and surfing to the list.

I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany. If you’re in the area, I’d love to grab a coffee and learn your story.


0 1 Product Design
Concept Prototyping
Art Direction
Design systems
Website design
Webflow development
Icons design
Motion design