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side project
THe idea

An idea for Tabbs came from a personal struggle to navigate 15+ open tabs in Chrome. In 2022 we launched Tabbs 2.0 that introduced ways to not only navigate, but manage and organize dozens of tabs with ease.

The approach

Aiming for familiarity and performance, we combined the keyboard-first approach of widely popular Command Menus and native extension behaviors in Chrome.

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Tabbs 2.0 • Saved tab groups

Tabbs 2.0 • Home view

Tabbs 2.0 • Actions Menu

Tabbs 2.0 • Tab Nap preferences

Visual identity

While purposefully designing Tabbs to feel native in Chrome, we gave it its own personality by combining custom illustrations and icons with a friendly typeface and a playful color palette.

The website

To create a unique yet clear demo of Tabbs, the website combines motion, vivid colors, sleek Questrial typeface and lots of whitespace. Right after arriving on the page, the user is greeted with a scroll-based demo of the product.

Tabbs 1.0 • Initial homepage

art direction

While a combination of whitespace and product demos create simplicity and clarity, vivid colors and smooth animations turn an otherwise boring productivity tool into a playful and approachable one.

2.0 Website update

With the launch of Tabbs 2.0 in 2022 and introduction of new & powerful features, we expanded the website to include video demos of selected features and a more comprehensive description.

The launch

Despite mainly building the tool for ourselves, we shared the website on Designer News and Reddit. The reception exceeded our expectations, with the website and the promo video being shared on Twitter, design websites, newsletters like Dense Discovery and Sidekick by Morning Brew, and being hunted on Product Hunt. A feeling like no other.

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