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in-house project
THe idea

The Landlord Dashboard was the first complete redesign of the landlord experience since the founding of Wunderflats. It was designed as a standalone product to deliver an excellent experience tailored to the way landlords work.

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Landlord App
The approach

Based on prior knowledge, feedback and research, we grouped the features by listings, giving each apartment its own space, while still making it easy to switch listings using the expandable sidebar.

Home • All Listings

Listing Page • Inbox

Booking Request Overview


Instead of having a traditional notifications dropdown, we integrated notification bubbles into the UI, guiding the user to requests or important actions.

Our Philosophy

Tailoring to the wide age range of our users, we optimized for clarity and simplicity, using lots of white space, and clean layouts, minimizing the number of actions or CTAs per view, and surfacing complexity only when necessary.

Calendar • Apartment availability

Performance • Views & Activity

Performance • Demographics

Visual simplicity

By being selective about where to use color, we were able to surface critical information and make it visible at first glance, like seeing for how long a tenant is staying or how popular the listing is.

The login

To streamline the login/signup process, we combined both flows into one. This simple tweak made the component quite flexible for different flows throughout the platform.


Preparing for future growth, we built a comprehensive collection of dynamic components and styles that can be combined or nested for different flows and scenarios.

The approach

We evolved our styles and components with each new project we tackled, adapting them to our needs, instead of being limited by them.


Embracing the technical challenge, we created a swippable and customizable bottom sheet component that we use as a mobile modal. I’m very happy about this one.

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